About Us

The Founders


Pharmacist, a mum of two and also a small business owner. Having battled with low iron levels all my life and during pregnancy, I struggled to find a product to boost my iron levels without experiencing adverse effects. The pharmacist in me thus invented Dome to deliver medicinal products with an exceptional taste profile. Each product has been researched in lab for its efficacy before being encapsulated in a dome.


A medical doctor, Tanya’s husband, dad to two little ones. Tanya and I have both worked since inception to bring Dome to market. I also work in the NHS as a surgeon and love playing tennis. Struggling with ulcerative colitis, I was inspired to formulate a product that would have high efficacy whilst being extremely gentle on the gut.


I am one of the co-founders of Dome Vitamins. Health and nutrition has always been important to me! After graduating from LSE I entered the world of banking. Working in a high pressure environment showed me the importance of having a well nourished body and mind. When I then also saw my sister struggling during her pregnancy because she was unable to find the right supplements, I knew this was a problem we needed to solve. Bringing together Tanya’s scientific knowledge and my business acumen, we set out on the journey to build a company which provides people with effective and tasty supplements to help them flourish through different stages of their life.