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Tillie at Style Cartel

"It came right on time as my cycle started the following week while on vacation in Nice. I love theCôte d'Azurheat, but it drains me on my period, so I become so lightheaded. The days I took the chocolate I noted a huge difference in energy."

Olivia Falcon

"As someone who is always on the cusp of anaemia, I take iron supplements a lot, and this is a truly innovative way to make taking iron a really pleasurable and effective experience by blending it with high-quality delicious chocolate. It doesn’t bung you up like most iron supplements. Also contains vitamin C to help with absorption. Genius!"

Nicola, Gloucestershire

"Have replaced my other pregnancy supplements with these, never looking back!"

Becky, Gloucestershire

"Game-changer for me, cannot be happier to take them."

Pam, Berkshire

"Say bye to that dreaded moment when you need to swallow those huge pregnancy supplements."

Shagun, London

"Thank you for infusing iron and happiness to my period. "

Yasmin, London

"Period blues be gone!"

Ban, Jordan

"Finally found an iron supplement that I can take without experiencing constipation and sickness!"

Victoria, London

"These taste just like chocolate, cannot believe there is no metallic taste. Pure magic!"