Why Microencapsulated Iron?

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Microencapsulated Iron


Microencapsulation of Dome Iron is covering iron or encapsulating the iron (Ferric Saccharate) with a layer of seaweed derivate called alginate, glued by calcium (1). This acts as a protective shield and prevents iron from interacting with other foods that may then affect its absorption and bioavailability (2-5).


Microencapsulation minimises the side effects of iron and masks its unpleasant metallic taste (2).


The iron releases from its encapsulation in the small intestine where the calcium glue dissolves (1). Iron is thus absorbed into the blood stream without any significant wastage.


As per a clinical study, it was concluded that the absorption of Dome Iron is at least as good as that of ferrous sulphate with the benefit of it being microencapsulated. As per a randomised control trial carried out on premenopausal women taking the iron infused in Dome, the number of participants reported significantly lower number of side effects compared to conventional ferrous sulphate (6).



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